Meet the Zube's

Travel, adventure & never looking back

Bob and Eileen met in an Archeology class in the school of Anthropology at UCLA. "In 1972 we decided to leave school to get married and pursue other interests. We began with a six-month honeymoon traveling in Europe. We opened our own business in 1979 and never looked back."


A lifetime passion for art develops at a young age

I had asthma as a child until the age of 11. Now, in my mid-70’s, I have approximately 1600 paintings. Establishing a virtual museum seemed to be the right thing to do.

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I quickly began drawing and painting pictures. I simply never stopped.
Robert Zube - 1950

But, the creativity doesn't stop with just paintings

Quilting and creativity is near and dear to Eileen Zube’s heart. Presented here is a sampling of some of the quilts that have been created to date. Many more are in the works and Eileen keeps expanding her horizons to produce new and more complex and creative designs.

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Traveling to every corner of the world has been a source of creative fuel


Artist Engagements

Zubeum artists Robert and Eileen Zube are available to lecture on art topics related to painting, quilting and the theory of art. Please contact the artists to schedule a timetable for presentations. Contact

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