Artist Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Zubeum artists and founders Robert and Eileen Zube have had an interesting life. They are fortunate to have found a way to share their passion for art with others in meaningful ways. Bob and Eileen have created an online art museum, and also are both willing and eager to help educate and entertain audiences with their experiences and individual artistic journeys.

Both Bob and Eileen are active patrons of the arts. From ballet to the symphony to the theatre and more, they give back to the artistic community that has enriched their lives and inspired their creativity. They have each channeled their experiences into their art in different ways.


Though he's never had formal artistic training, Bob has become a prolific painter and art historian. He finds inspiration in everyday living as much as his extensive travels. Whether it is a Warhol-like interpretation of common items or vast landscapes, he looks at everything through the lens of an artist and then transfers his observations to a canvas.

A lifelong learner and seeker, Bob educated himself by visiting museums and reading. His college anthropology studies gave him the thirst to uncover the untold history that gave rise to artwork throughout the ages. This anthropological approach to the different ages and techniques in art led to his Theory of Artifacts and Creative Strategies, which seeks to classify the characteristics in art in a similar way to plants or animals.


A lifelong creative, Eileen began to sew and cook at a young age. Since she discovered her passion for quilting in 1982, Eileen has never stopped channeling her creativity into textures, designs, and intricate hand stitching to create her art quilts. Some of her appliquéd quilts can take up to a year to finish due to the delicate needlework. Eileen still has almost every quilt she has ever made.

Eileen works with two different quilting guilds as well as with her quilting partner. Like Bob, she finds inspiration in everything from her college anthropology studies to traveling the world to a morning walk. She has no plans of slowing down any time soon, and she has enough projects in mind and fabric in boxes to keep her producing new quilts for the next 20 years.

Contact the Artists

Bob and Eileen are engaging and interesting public speakers. Whether it is about the history of art in general, the history of quilts and quilting techniques throughout the generations, travel, or anthropology and it's influence on their work, groups that are fortunate enough to book their time will be educated and entertained. If you have specific topics, you can reach out to the artists, and they will customize their talk for your event.

Bob is in high demand for lectures on his Theory of Artifacts and Creative Strategies, as well as his conclusions about Van Gogh and Picasso. Eileen has an encyclopedic knowledge of quilting. Both have many stories of their travels, studies, and how that has influenced their art. Whether it is a panel interview, a video presentation, or an interactive audience Q&A, Bob and Eileen can impart their wealth of knowledge and experience to your audience.

Zubeum artists Robert and Eileen Zube are available to lecture on art topics related to painting, quilting, and the theory of art. If you would like to set up an engagement, you can contact the artists via the online form on their website. You may also reach out to them via email. Include your request, the artist you want to engage, the date you are trying to book, and any other relevant information about your event. Due to their busy schedules, please reach out as soon as possible to get on their calendar.